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Telling the time is easy when you know how. But all that big hand/little hand business will be of no use at all with the ingenious Ibiza Ride. That's because this incredibly chic wristwatch is a 'Look ma, no hands!' kind of timepiece, and it's the ideal way to bamboozle and impress watch snobs in an instant.

Because even if you're the proud owner of a pricey, über-flashy watch, you'll want to get an Ibiza Ride around your wrist asap since it displays the time in a completely unique manner. How? Well, long story short, this sleek rectangular sliver uses three columns of LEDs to display hours and minutes. The first column represents hours, the second represents tens of minutes, and the third represents single minutes. So if seven lights are showing in the first column, two in the second and three in the third, it's 7:23. The whole procedure is easier, telling the time.

Reading the date works in the same way. To activate the date mode simply push the function button twice. The first column represents the month. The second and third columns represent the day. Easy, huh?

Once you get the hang of it you'll find reading the Ibiza Ride as straightforward as using a regular watch. In fact, we think it's easier. For starters there's no mistaking big hands for small hands, and you won't have to squint to look at digital numbers 'cause there aren't any - just glowing, easy-to-count lights. But don't for one minute think that the Ibiza Ride is some sort of novelty watch to be worn just for showing off. On the contrary, this gorgeously crafted stainless steel timepiece is built to last and it's water resistant to 100 feet.

We really can't over-emphasize the number of envious looks this retro-modern masterpiece attracts. Because as well as perplexing everyone who sees it (except the wearer), the Ibiza Ride looks like something Buck Rogers might wear when hitting the disco with Twiki. Best of all, it's unlike any other watch out there. And in the war of wristwatch one-upmanship, individuality is everything.