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01 the One SC132B1 Art Edition

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Walter Heidenreich Art Edition Binary Watch Collection features Britto’s pop themed art on a Binary Time Split Screen watch. It features an enamel case covered with his geomtetric artwork and complementary colored LED’s that display the time in binary format.  Featuring stainless steel cases, 3ATM water resistance and an engraved case back.


The hours are added up on left and minutes added on right. This unique timepiece is guaranteed to create attention, start conversations and add to your style.

A eye catching LED watch that displays the time using binary format. Quoted as "Chronometry for intelligent minds".

CASE MATERIAL: Stainless Steel
FACE COLORS: Red White Blue
42.00 MM
LENGTH: 48.00 MM
10.60 MM

The binary format, using two rows of LEDs to indicate hours and minutes. The column on the left side consists of four LEDs for hours - the value of each LED is printed to the left of it. The LEDs on the right indicate the minutes. To tell the time you simply press the function button and add up the value of the illuminated LEDs. So if the four and the two (4+2=6) are lit on the left column, and the eight and two (8+2=10) are lit on the right column then it's 6:10.