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In the year 1998 Anton Kraft had the idea of creating watches that are different from anything else ever seen: LED Displays and a new time reading system that will revolutionize the watch market. Despite the non-existing technical resources or opportunities at the time he registered for a legal protection of his ideas.

Because of the initial time reading system being based on the IT code for all computers - the binary code - with the numbers 0 and 1, the brand name was born.

Considered the leading name in design & fashion orientated watches, the brand has been a pioneer of innovation and style since the beginning. The company is present in 20 countries world-wide. Instead of following the –so called- trends on the watch market, the main objective is to create something unique and different.

Anton Kraft`s idea was to create a watch line perfect for independent people who follow their own unique path in life and trend-setters who express their individuality by the way they dress.  From the very beginning, Anton Kraft ignored style-dictators and consumer forecasts of the fashion or watch establishment.

And this is just the beginning...

  Join the evolution.