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1961 Hamilton Electric "Mad Men" Vega

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1961 Hamilton Electric Vega - $2800 (with original box)
Designed by famed 40's and 50's automobile designer Richard Arbib (took his bomb designs for WWII to finned cars)
One of the very first battery powered watches produced (electro-mechanical)
Estimated production - 3,900 (very rare to find them in this condition)

From Rene Rondeau book "Watch of the Future";
"The Vega is very scarce and attractive asymmetrical Electric.  First offered in 1961, it was discontinued within only two years.  The design is unique, with a cross-hatched motif on the lugs sweeping across the dial of a trapezoidal-shaped 10k yellw gold filled case."

Featured in The New York Times --> Here