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1969 Wittnauer Double Retrograde Sector Futurama

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SOLD 1969 Wittnauer Futurama Sector Double Retrograde

Flyback retrograde hands for hours and minutues. As each hand gets to bottom of time-arc, the hand jumps back to the top. The hands do not rotate like a standard watch.

Automatic winding Swiss mechanical movement.  Original metal Wittnauer bracelet. 

There were very few double-retrograde watches made in the early seventies but here are two of the very best. The vintage automatic winding "Futurama 1000" by Wittnauer featured only two styles, silver dial and black dial with hours and minutes displayed in an arc (hours on left, minutes on right). As each hand travels to the bottom, they fly-back to the top rather than circularly rotate. Deep-set magnified portholes for date display.

Featured in The New York Times --> Here