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Hardcore Automatic Steel

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53mm x 47mm x 15mm Thick
Stainless Steel Case & Strap

Watchismo is proud to introduce this stylish new watch collection from Barcelona.  While traveling through Spain in 2010, we discovered this super cool company in a hip little watch shop in Las Ramblas.  Within a minute, we knew this was a perfect fit for our one-of-a-kind watch customers! 

The "Hardcore" is one killer watch.  A case built as boldly as any civil engineer attempting to construct a solid city bridge.  It rises with steely curvature that also fits snugly to the shape of your wrist.  The curved metal plates are bracketed together around a mechanical automatic movement and feature an exposed rotor through the porthole crystal caseback.  You can watch the motion of the power source that does not need batteries, ever! 

A true machine with stylish bravado that continues to the uncommon dial featuring a very unusual layout of numbers and markers.  The asymmetrically placed digits lead from zero to the mysterious three sixes indexed by two very thin multi-colored watch hands tipped by dots.  Built for a unique individual!

666 Barcelona Designers Ferran Serra & Oscar Vera


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