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Spaceworker -Brown

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SPACEWORKER LED - Brown Leather 
(Red L.E.D.)
54mm x 46mm


Watchismo is proud to introduce this stylish new watch collection from Barcelona.  While traveling through Spain, we discovered this super cool company at a hip little watch shop in Las Ramblas.  Within a minute, we knew this was a perfect fit for our one-of-a-kind customers! 

The "Space Worker" series is an ultra-oversize LED digital watch.  Built into a case best appreciated from the side where you can see the "stepped" design, the variation of angles create a unique shape.  The on-command light-emitting-diodes illuminate brightly against the black crystal display.

"The magic of numbers.
The hidden harmonies of an exact science that is capable of explaining the universe.
Matter and energy.  Space and time...
Capable of revealing the true you.
From this ocean of infinite affinities, a number emerges.
The mark of an authentic and unconventional man."

below: black leather version (for reference)

666 Barcelona Designers Ferran Serra & Oscar Vera


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