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TX Watches

A striking blend of style and substance, the marriage of movement and mode, TX Time Instruments represent the unification of precise instrumentation and pure aesthetic form. The modern consumers desire for design and cutting edge materials fused with performance and authenticity is realized in each TX Time Instrument.

Engineered in Germany, the TX movement platform was developed over 5 years and offers an advanced technological flexibility which pushes the limit of time.  The instruments contain four motors, operating independently of each other. One drives the hours, minutes and seconds while 3 bi-directional stepping motors are dedicated to the additional functions such as Fly-back chronograph, Compass, World Time as well as the revolutionary  Linear chronograph features.  Using six hands and bold dashboard styling, they are designed to reflect its movement engineering, displaying a purity it revels in.  The result: a precise innovative and reliable technology combine with a very friendly user interface.