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Watchismo is a carefully curated watch collection by brothers Mitch & Andrew Greenblatt, modern horological enthusiasts with a passion for unique timepieces. Purveyors of wrist-borne time machines since 1999, Watchismo is a singular source for unusual modern watches from around the world.

Watchismo's own watch brand launched on
It resulted in the most funded mechanical watch in Kickstarter's history!
The XERISCOPE Orbiting Mechanical Automatic Watch by XERIC

The "Watchis-bros"
New York Times - July 7th 2011
(from the New York Times "Tick Tick Tick Chic" article)

Watchismo Featured in the San Jose Mercury News

Yahoo News feature (October 2nd 2013)
What do wristwatch connoisseurs think of Samsung's Galaxy Gear? -LINK

The Prodigal Guide reaches back in time to Watchismo's 'Vintage Days' -LINK

CBS News San Francisco featuring Watchismo

December 24th 2013
Watches Remain Popular With Holiday Shoppers Despite New Technology

It has been said that watches would be doomed by newer technology such as smartphones. But timepieces have become one of the hottest gift trends this holiday season. Allen Martin reports.-LINK