Price Ranges


Famous book featuring the entire history of LIP

Roger Tallon's original designs of the Mach 2000 Chronograph

An original 1973 "Aeronef" Mach 2000 Mechanical Chronograph

Roger Tallon's Helicoid Staircase (MoMa Collection)

Roger Tallon in 1954 with his La Future Camera Duplex

1965 Module 400 Chair (by Roger Tallon)

1966 "Metamorphique" Module 400 Lounge

Helicoidal Staircase

Various Tallon Industrial Designs

Tallon's original LIP logo designs

Tallon's famous TGV trains and interiors

1966 Teleavia portable television

A variety of original (vintage) designer LIP watches
Designs by Isabelle Hebey, Marc Held, Rudi Meyer, Prince Francois de Baschmakoff, Roger Tallon

1970s Lip Chronographs

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