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Mr. Jones Always on My Mind -Ladies Edition

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Always on my Mind

This watch is nostalgic for the time when a love letter was something you could hold: the hour and minute hands spell "always on my mind" in a typewriter font, as if each of the letters has been tapped out by hand.

Certainly Mr Jones's most sentimental watch, this makes a perfect gift for the one you love.

The watch gives a frisson of pleasure every time it is consulted and the wearer is reminded of that special person.

The hour and minute hands of this watch spell out the message in an endearing typewriter font, as if each of the letters has been tapped out by hand. This watch is nostalgic for a time when love letters were something you could hold in your hand. Certainly Mr Jones’ most sentimental watch to date, it is the perfect gift for the one you love.

How does one follow up the hugely successful "The Accurate" (Remember You Will Die) watch?  Well, Mr. Jones has done it with this brand new watch.  No longer being reminded of your mortality, but instead, constantly think of your immortal beloved every time you check the time.  (Sugar cubes for extra sweetness not included)

Each watch comes in a MJW presentation box with a specially commissioned artwork by Debbie Smyth. Inside the box you'll find the guarantee card - every watch is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase against any original manufacturing defect.

Case: Stainless steel
Strap: Leather with natural colour stitching
Width (3 o'clock to 9 o'clock): 28mm
Height (from lug to lug): 33mm
Mechanism: Single jewel quartz mechanism
Waterproof: 5ATM
Guarantee: 12 months

Designed by Crispin Jones, they are genuine indie products entirely conceived and executed following a singular vision. To use a cinematic analogy: most watches may be thought of as Hollywood blockbusters replete with happy ending and saccharine sentiment; Mr Jones Watches in contrast are film noir - interested in the anti-hero and the complicated pleasures of everyday life...

“The watch today is a defunct tool - we all have a mobile phone to check the time on, but the watch endures because it expresses something of our personality. Whilst many watches are a symbol of material wealth, Mr Jones Watches are concerned with ideas.”
Crispin Jones, founder Mr Jones Watches

About Mr Jones Watches
Founded by London-based designer Crispin Jones in 2007, Mr Jones Watches aims to create and produce watches that do more than just tell the time. A masters Degree from the Royal College of Art combined with a history designing for companies including Casio Research and Phillips Design has influenced the way Crispin approached his designs.

To achieve the intricate and playful designs in the collection, Mr Jones Watches uses a series of rotating disks layed on top of each other. The idea, usually used in the design of children’s watches, allows for intricate illustrations and more experimental layouts; whilst still showing the time.

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