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Welcome to the wonderful world of Azimuth, a brand synonymous with avant-garde complications watch designs. Azimuth timepieces are strictly mechanical, truly avant-garde and most importantly swiss made.
Biel/Bienne has long been an important center for Swiss watchmaking, housing various well-known traditional local brands as well as a center for continual research and manufacturing of new timepieces. Manufacturers of machine tools are also important, and the town is home to a major architecture and engineering school.

Founded in 2003, its timepieces are produced in Biel/Bienne Switzerland, a region reputed for top-of-the-range watch engineering and manufacturing. This is where Azimuth makes its timepieces, strictly mechanical and truly avant-garde.

At Azimuth, the product development team is constantly pursuing developments in the field of complications and product design to position itself at the forefront of horological excellence. This is especially evident in the way the company has explored technological limits with the in-house development of its semi-complication modules. The serenity of Lac de Bienne has inspired our master craftsmen to inject rich artistry into the timepieces by handcrafting its miniaturized wonders for deep appreciation. They include some of the world's most beautiful hand-engraved balance cock in art deco style, as well as skeletonised and semi-skeletonised movements. Such devotion to quality and detail are put in place to ensure that the end product is truly unique and worthy of the discerning Azimuth customer.