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Botta UNO Automatic Black

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Botta UNO Automatic - Black

Things become clearer when you reduce them to their bare essentials.

This elementary philosophy is the basic idea behind our one-hand UNO watch with its astonishingly simple approach to time-keeping: the UNO makes do with just one hand – the hour hand. This moves just like the hour hand of any normal watch with several hands – in other words, every 12 hours it completes one full rotation.

The simplified dial means that the one-hand watch provides an approximate idea of the current time at a glance (e.g. shortly before three o'clock). If a more precise indication of the time is required, the five-minute gradations on the UNO allow you to work out the exact time, accurate to more or less one minute, by judging the position of the hand in between two of the five-minute lines. The great strength of the UNO, however, lies in everyday time-keeping and the fact that the time of day is shown "at a glance" by an analogue and graphic representation of the day.

Klaus Botta developed the concept for the UNO one-hand watch back in 1985, and the first one-hand watch was launched in 1994 by the Watchpeople brand. Since 2000, Klaus Botta has sold a redesigned and improved version of the UNO, under his own name. The UNO Automatic is the first time that a mechanical version of this successful concept has been available.

Technical Specifications

42 mm
9,8 mm
60 g (with leather strap)
ETA 2824-2 Swiss Made
Case Material
stainless steel
Glass Type
plane sapphire glass, plane mineral glass bottom
Water Resistance
finest, vegetable tanned leather wristband
Special Features
water bl. glass bottom
Country Of Manufacture
2 Years
0/+15 Sec. per day

Subject to modifications.


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