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Botta Watches - The one-hand principle

A watch from Botta is a reduction in complexity and a focus on the bare essentials gives rise to a sense of security and calm. Coupled with the highly functional orientation of the product‘s stylistic vocabulary, this embodies the philosophy, a philosophy which is particularly noticeable in these one-hand watches.

Watches from Botta Design are characterized by a concentration on the bare essentials. They deliberately reject faddish attributes and formalistic decoration. The salient design features are functional clarity and a high degree of technical aesthetic which is also expressed in the choice of materials and the precision of the workmanship.

Botta believes wristwatches should accompany their wearer over many years, and must continue to impress in terms of function and appearance even years down the line. In this sense, our standards are no different to those of the classic watchmaker brands. However, while these manufacturers base their design standards primarily on a historical repertoire of form, Botta Watch upholds a modern attitude to design.