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G-Shock G-Rescue Special Edition Red

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From G-Shock, the watch that delivers unmatched toughness, comes a collection of new models that deliver a new level of protection. These watches are designed and engineered for rough and rugged activities.

    * Hourly time signal.
    * Auto-calendar pre-programmed until the year 2099.
    * Low-temperature-resistant LCD (-20° C / -4° F).
    * Mood data (moon age of the input data, moon phase graph).
    * Countdown timer.
    * Backlight auto EL backlight with afterglow.
    * 12/24 hour formats.
    * Accuracy +/- 15 seconds per month.
    * Tide graph (level for specific date and time).
    * 4 multi-function alarms and 1 snooze alarm.
    * Time Zone 29 time zones (48 cities).
    * World time.
    * Button operation tone on/off.
    * Flash alert.
    * Shock resistant.
    * Water resistant to 200m.
    * Module 3194.
    * Dimensions:
      Face Width 32mm
      Face Height 27mm
      Face Depth 17mm
      Band Width 21mm
      Band Circumference 10.5 inches
    * 2.00 oz.

G-Shock is the ultimate tough watch. It was born from a developer's dream of "creating a watch that never breaks." Guided by a "Triple 10" development concept, the design teams sought a watch with 10-meter free-fall endurance, 10-bar water resistance and a 10-year battery life.

At a time when it was commonly believed that watches were breakable items, G-Shock's development represented a challenge to common sense. The number of experimental prototypes built for endurance testing reached over 200. And the structural development and parts improvement took approximately two years. After a long, hard process of trial and error, G-Shock was finally launched. A shock resistant structure that overturned conventional thinking about watches was realized thorough breakthrough thinking, including the ideas of a hollow- structured case, all-directional protective covering and the use of cushioning material to protect critical parts.

These were the fruits of technological development that insisted on "toughness" and a revolution in watch design. Since its launched, G-Shock has continued to evolve for 25 long years, carrying on the toughness of spirit and uncompromising passion that led its developers to persist in their unshakable belief.