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Lars Pederson Collection

Time can be divided in many different ways.  The Danish designer Lars Pedersen designed a very special three-dimensional dial for Danish Design Watches.  The dial has two rings, with one turning over the other.  While the inner circle marks the hours, the minutes are marked on the outer circle. What also stands out is the date marking on the nine o’ clock position, which reminds one of a planet in the solar system. 

Everything that is superfluous was left out, so that the equilibrium of significance could be reached in accordance with the Scandinavian tradition.

With this watch collection, Lars Pedersen has produced an astonishing piece of art. He graduated the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1994 and has designed a various range of products for different companies in Europe. He has won a lot of design prizes like the internationally renowned Red Dot Award and the Danish Index Award.