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A watch is a mindset about the idea of time.  When considering reading the time of day, my main question is: why do I need to see all twelve numbers when only one is needed?  VUE's unique approach is to present one number appearing only, while the previous hour slowly fades out of view, and the next on says, "time is precious, yet always presents us with a surprise ahead".  the design comes from an innovative glass top cylinder supported by a stainless steel chassis, this gives a unique view of the dial and numbers from the side of the watch, all while creating a visual lightness and playfulness as light bounces from top to sides.  The mindset is to let the mystery of time be experienced:  VUE is a way to feel time's appearance and disappearance in our lives.  By seeing only the current hour, while the last hour representing the past and the next one representing the future subtly fade in and out, we can live a new view of time.

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See the animated video showing the functionality of the VUE below: