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LIP Mach 2000 Yellow Moon


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LIP Mach 2000 Yellow Moon (& Black)
Designer: Roger Tallon

Design year: 1975

WHEN THE INFAMOUS limited-edition Lip Mach 2000 Chronographs that Roger Tallon designed for the French company Lip debuted in 1973, it was an instant hit and became one of the company's most popular timepieces ever.  So it's entirely fitting that this year, as Lip launches in the United States for the first time in the brand's nearly 150 year history -- and the master isn't missing a tick. 40+ years after the Tallon-designed LIP watch was first introduced, the futuristic, forward-thinking watch looks anything but vintage. In fact, it looks as if it could have been designed just yesterday. And that's exactly what Tallon (the creative mastermind behind the high-speed French TGV trains) intended for it when back in the 1970s, they enlisted him as well as various other prominent designers, architects, and interior decorators to work for them. Their job? To collaborate on several cutting-edge, distinctive Lip Watch collections that would set Lip Watches apart from its competition. Not only did they succeed, their signature watches became cult favorites and revolutionized the watch company.

Fast-forward many decades, these 1970s groundbreaking vintage pieces are now being reissued, along with several other classic styles that have received updates.

A culmination of 40+ years of design expertise and the perfect blend of past and present, the Lip TV watches are actually ahead of their time, both then and now.

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