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* Mr. Jones Accurate SE All Black Special Edition

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The Accurate
All Black Special Edition
A Watchismo Exclusive!

We're very happy to announce the release of a new exclusive All Black version of The Accurate. This watch has been a signature piece - it was the first watch to sellout from the initial limited edition run and it has remained one of our most popular designs ever since.

It's a watch that really polarizes people: either you see it as something morbid and ghoulish, or you read it as a carpe diem: a positive reminder to seize the day.

It is the watch that people most often tell me about seeing. Most memorable was the story of someone who was in hospital for an operation. She noticed that the anaesthetist was wearing an Accurate. She says that while this was possibly not the optimum moment for contemplating mortality, it did help to distract her until the anaesthetic kicked in...

This new version of The Accurate has a black PVD coated case and features the hands in white against a black dial (for ultimate clarity of the message). The watch is a link to the tradition of the memento mori - that is an object designed to remind us that life is brief and that we should enjoy it while we're here.

Mr Jones Watches is the cult watch brand from London. They believe that a watch should do more than just tell the time: it should make you think, start a conversation or simply raise a smile. Their products are designed by Crispin Jones and are conceived and executed following his singular vision.