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Karim Rashid Yogurt Series

Our good friends over at Nooka have teamed up Karim Rashid on a new partnership that embodies “democratic design” and “universal language.”

The first of this partnership being "Yogurt" which features features digital hexagons to signify the hours and circles to display the minutes. There will be a total of six different “flavors”: blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, lime, plain (white) and non-fat (clear). 

Nooka and innovative designer Karim Rashid have begun a collaborative relationship to create a timepiece based on the synergies of “democratic design” and “universal language”. “Yogurt”, Nooka’s first circular design, will utilize soft and flexible polyurethane, making it similar to the Nooka ZUB line of watches. The display incorporates digital hexagons that comprise the hour in the middle while the minutes circle the outer display of the watch.