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If you are so tired of all those watches out there with their hands and easy-to-read numbers and if you are so over being able to find out what time it is with just a simple glance and want to be challenged, Nooka is for you.  Nooka makes you feel like you accomplished something when someone asks me for the time. The latest watch design from our friends over at NOOKA are called the ZEM and they certainly won’t hold your hand when it comes to giving you the time of day.

The Zem brings a new shape and aesthetic style to their timepieces with a gem-cut case and gem-cut mineral crystal lens, adding a completely new look to the line.

The line consist of Nooka’s four most popular faces: Zot, ZenV, ZenH, and Zoo. Each of the faces comes in both night and silver, and features a weighted case-back. The bands come in black leather, and black or silver high-gauge stainless steel bracelet.

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* Nooka ZEM ZOT Mirror Steel -On Sale!
Original Price : $350.00  /
Now : $149.99
Savings: 57 %
* Nooka ZEM ZOT Mirror Steel -On Sale!