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Odin's Rage OR113R1 Steel

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ODIN'S RAGE Steel - Binary LED

This conversation-starting watch is a unique time-telling device with a handsome design. 01 The One watches display time in a binary format. After all, they say there are only 10 types of people in this world, those who understand binary, and those who don't! When the LED light is on it means 1, and if the light is off, it means 0.

How to tell time on this watch: The inner circle of lights represents the hours. The inner circle represents the 5s of minutes. The row of 4 singles LEDs in the center of the dial is the single minutes. Add them all up, and there you have it. Sounds difficult, but it is extremely easy to read! 01 The One watches are among the most unique watches made today.

Stainless steel case with black leather strap

Red LED lighting

30 meters water resistant

39 mm wide by 46 mm long by 10.1 mm thick

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