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ODM DD126-7 White/Red Illumi

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white / red (pink)

48mm wide

The name “Illumi” comes from “illuminate”, and means lightening up what’s around you, symbolizing the latest and most creative way to read time. Illumi is not your ordinary LED watch, but it has a hidden time function. When the watch is in off mode, you can only see some digit outlines. Yet when you activate it, users will be delighted to see the colorful digits, and there is no need to do any complicated calculation. The time pattern changes every minute, symbolizing the ever-changing of time, witnessing every moment in life.

On top of having a unique design rarely seen in the market, it has also adopted a monotone or contrasting color design, enhancing the colorful LED digits and users will be delighted to discover the funky hourly chime with sound and light animation for the most fun way to read time.

If you take a closer look, you will find etchings on the strap with odm’s ‘2359 Never too late’ slogan. 2359 is the last minute of the day, odm keeps reminding us that it’s not too late even if there is one minute left. Capture every unique moment in time and illuminate the minute now with illumi.

O.D.M. is a brand of highly designed technical timepieces created for the style conscious consumer.  Their mission is to be “original, dynamic & minimalist” and this philosophy is what inspired our name. 


PC case with embossed no. & laser engraved lens

odm LED module (time, date, hourly chime and fade-in & fade out animations)

Water Resistance:

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