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Design: Damian Barton

The Atom: The building block of matter in our universe is now available in wristwatch form.  The 3-dimensional design represents each component of the atom; the nucleus of protons and neutrons, the orbiting electrons, the trajectory path of the orbiting electrons.  The hour and minute hands follow the path of the orbiting electrons. The second hand originates from the Atom's nucleus.   Perfect for pondering matters of time and space.

Atom’s hour and minute hand has a luminous finish for ease of telling time .

Atom measures 38mm in diameter (1.50”) and 1/3” in height. It is made of stainless steel, and has a 20mm (3/4”) black leather band with black stitching.


Time Shown:  10:10

About the Designer:

Complemented by a formal training in furniture making and object design, Australian designer Damian Barton’s reverence for science and mechanics manifests as a new invention paradigm of stunning objects creating a
futuristic fantasy aesthetic.  Relocating to America, he creates award winning objects known for fusing function with intrinsic forms and ideas. Working with an array of materials and technologies, his pieces have been featured in numerous exhibitions and publications worldwide.


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