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Projects Chroma Kaleidoscope -Steel Mesh

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Lauridna Spear's new
CHROMA watch is a tour into the dimensions of color, hue, lightness and colorfulness.  The seconds, minutes and hours pass across the evolving colors of CHROMA's dial, displaying a kaleidoscopic Munsell Measurement. (*the Munsell Measurement is the standard measure of the three dimensions of color: tone, value and color purity).

CHROMA's numerals change colors every second, the hour hand colors merge from one palette to another more gradually creating beautiful hues of the color spectrum. (purple, red, yellow, orange, green...)

CHROMA is a 38mm (1.5") unisex watch utilizing swiss parts.  It is made of all brushed stainless steel and is water resistant to 150ft.  CHROMA comes with a stainless steel mesh bracelet.