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Projects Free Time All Black -Steel


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"free time affords you to spend it doing what you want"  - Designer Laurinda Spear

Free Time - All Black Edition

Laurinda Spear brings an unconventional modernism that is both abstract and romantic, playful as well as dramatic, and forceful. First recognized for her flamboyant contributions to Miami’s skyline with buildings like the Atlantis (the building with the hole in the middle!) and now for unique, playful and oh, so cool watch designs!

“The planets trace rings around the Sun, each one completing a full orbit in a different amount of time in relation to its distance from the Sun. Our most important measurement of time, the year, is based on this full rotation around the Sun. In fact, all our major units of time (day, month, year) are based on different rotation periods.

So, like the planets tracing their various orbits around the Sun, the rings on this watch each move with different rotational speeds to indicate the time. The three concentric circles rotate clockwise with each gap in the circle communicating the precise time. The hour, minute and seconds are defined by the outer, middle and inner rings respectively”.

Still too complicated? Its rather simple. The outer ring’s opening is the hour, the middle ring’s opening is the minute and the inner ring opens to the seconds.

Now Free Time is available in an IP Black finish on stainless steel with a black dial and white concentric rings! It’s a reverse of our popular all stainless steel finish model.


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