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“Ergonomic shape and angle for ease of telling time.” – Denis Guidone

TOWARDS is as unique in construction as it is in style. The 40mm case is tilted toward the wearer at an angle making Towards a true ergonomic timepiece with both large numbers and an easy to view date box. To emphasize the re-orientation, the number twelve is printed on the glass, the crown placed below it on the case, and the date calendar placed at the 4 o’clock position.

This unique and contemporary timepiece from Italian designer, Denis Guidone has a seamless band that connects to the body of the watch with no visible lugs or connections. Characterized by this slanted case is a 20 degree shift in the position of the number twelve. The face is simple and elegant. Even during the flurry of fingering a keyboard, time is visible at a glance making the need to twist the wrist a thing of the past!

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Projects Towards Tilt View Black Yellow
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Projects Towards Tilt View Black Yellow
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