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B. Martinez: First let me say I have a huge collection of watches and feel that you can never have enough. One day I was searching the internet and titled the search "Most Unique Watches". The search led me to I was amazed at the selection and the price not to mention the most sophisticated and unusual watches. I had struck gold. I recently ordered the G-Shock XL Combi Monotone Black Special Edition. The transaction was perfect, wonderful price, wonderful shipping speed, wonderful craftsmanship. You have got to check out Thank you so much for existing.

Britt L: I just had to mention what a huge fan I am of this company. I've ordered several watches from them over the years. They carry some of the coolest watches; some really way-out-there designs, and they regularly run sales that can score you a watch for a nice discounted price. I'll always be a fan. 

Todd Eric Young: It's great doing business with people who love what they do - simple as that. I've purchased 3 Vestal watches from Watchismo so far - and both companies have great products, and superior customer service!

JD Beebe: Watchismo: Making my wrist my sexiest asset since 2007!

Kari Banta: I always love to see what new things show up on your site because each one is more amazing than the next! 

Robert R:  Oh! and the very few dealings i have done over the internet have been very 'Plastic' (if you know what I mean)  Watchismo, on the other hand is 'Real', so to speak...again, thanks.

David Klein: You guys have the most definitive collection of unique attention whore watches. Each one cooler than the other, every time I wear my bad ass diesel watch I bought from your website I always get compliments. Definitely an attention getter!

Ramon Aymerich: I love my new watch from Watchismo. It is the Ray from Quicksilver, an all-green watch made from natural materials including a casing and band made from gorgeous ebony, heavy and very masculine. I highly recommend it. It is a beautiful time-piece. I just wish I had known about this company a long time ago, but then... I hope to live long enough to still buy a number of other watches from Watchismo.

Charles Kenneth: I love almost all your crazy watches and have sent several people to your site.

Kimber D Brasher: Watchismo is THE ONLY SHOP on the net that supplies the best , the most unusual ,impressive, technical ,fashionable ,collectable and flat out sexy works of art for the wrist . I'm like a kid in a candy store drooling over all the eye candy.

Kathy Harr Forgie: The most varied, extensive and fashion forward watches ever.

Dean K.: Love this website. I own 28 watches, many from this site.

Ryan Tetrault: Your site is the best, very professional, and your delivery times and prices are excellent.  My girlfriend and I look at your site daily looking at all of ...the time pieces we'd love to own. Keep up the great work!

Reid J L.: This is a "Titan" of watch websites. The prices are SUPER competitive and COMPLETELY COMPARABLE to ANY brand name watch on it's home site; I was pleasantly surprised!

Miguel J Garza: Love your watches. I have at least 5 from you guys.

Tim Paulsen: For those that dont know...Mitch and Andrew at Watchismo are wonderful...always there to answer the questions and provide great customer service!

Chris Wilhelm: love your guys site, and quality of watches and above all customer service. my Nixon watch rocks. and to this day still get compliments and people gauking at it :)

Jacquie Harmes Perlmutter:  Visiting the Watchismo site is better than a trip to the candy store...!

Chris Angelus:
Do you have a watch that calculates how much time has gone by while surfing your site? I didn't get to bed till 2:30am last night.

David Bruskin: This has to be one of the finest watch sites on the Internet -- incredible selection, incredible taste!

Richard Koehler: So many cool watches, so few limbs to put them on.

Brian Deaton:  The watch I just got for my sister will improve her self-esteem 7%. Thanks Watchismo!

Brian Henderson: My quicksilver Ray eco watch arrived safe and sound earlier this week.... its a work of art!!! Thanks watchismo for a great timepiece and for your wonderful service!!

Maximilian Büsser:  Well... what can I say that hasn't already been said?!  Except simply: I am a FAN! Thanks for opening up so many horological horizons to us. Wishing you an ever growing success!

Patrick Kedziora: I've bought several vintage watches from Watchimo and I have been thrilled by each purchase.... and I can't wait to see the next newsletter. If you're a watch fan this is THE place!

Michael Lansing:  I recently bought a Storm watch from them super stylish and totally awesome! Can't wait to save up for my next watch!

Ari Baronofsky: I was never all that into watches before I found your site. You guys make them look good. :-)

Daniel Beahm: I have purchased two watches from Watchismo and I love them both.

Orlando Boffill:  I found your site yesterday and I'm near-obsessed. I want them all!

David Drecktrah:  I'm a loyal client and watch collector, can wait for more!!!

Nick Whiteley: Huge fan of LIP Watches!!! own both a LIP and a Botta 24hr face watch and love them! been a subscriber the Watchismo blog for ages now and love to salivate over the watches on

Alexander Weaver: I love all the watches I've bought. Glad there is an American dealer of Mr. Jones. And I'm in love with your selection of jump hour watches.

Jeremy Domby: Watchismo- my favorite horological blog! I love looking at all the uber designer, limited run, multi-million dollar watches. I just wish there were more companies that could make pieces that are unique, complex, AND actually affordable. You do a great job finding the few that do in your store!

Hendrik Alla:  Fantastic website. I'm a long time reader. Wacthismo has given me lot on valuable information.

Cindy Julius: Two things women look at on men to get a idea of their character and style, are his shoes, and his WATCH......anything from Watchismo will have you looking good.

Kaiva Klimanis: Punctuality is impressive but a great watch -- even if he's ever late -- reminds you whom you're dealing with.

Alisa Cobb: Love your website..spent lots of money there!!!!

Lance Greenfield: Watchismo is GREAT! Purchased from them before ... great watches, great prices!

Bud Bennett:  I love strange and unusual watches. Over the years, I've owned watches that Watchismo has sold for hundreds of dollars without realizing the treasure I had on my wrist.

Esienne Esien-Oku: Watchismo watches are utterly unique, eye catching and seriously edgy in design. The designs and styles are as diverse as they interesting. They are never ever dull or conventional.

Troy Moss: is like porn to me.

Eva Goespostal:  thanks guys for your great resourcing capability in the whole universe of watches. I get to play on the edge of time and show it's possible to think out of the box with a Nooka.

Wendan Tang: Bought one for my father's BD. He said this was the best one he had haven.

John Vande Plasse:  Watchismo is an excellent resource and the most informed and entertaining site for vintage and modern timepieces.

Michael Ogunloye:  One of favorite watch spots on line. Yo! Keep splashing those German watches,the big ones (pause)!!

Charles Edward Sternaimolo:  You have the hippest timepieces on the planet. I would be thrilled to photograph them for you.

John W Robertson: Watchismo - because they give me the time of day.

Andy Kopp: I like my Watchismo on a rye cracker with blue cheese spread.

James Sorrell:  I believe it goes: Confucius say " Man with watch knows time, man with two watches, not so sure".

Lynn Goldenberg Kaplan:  I always wear 2 watches and get tired of telling people who ask, "I just have a lot of time on my hands"...badabing, badaboom!! Love watchismo!!

James Graham:  regularly drools over the watches in the Watchismo catalog.

Michael Karolitzky:  Love the site. Awesome selection of watches, and a blog of many more I can't afford! Keep up the good work!

Jesús Martínez Hernández:  cool watches for cool people

Gail Offen:  Just watching your watches makes me happy!

Dave Marcus:  My daughter's boyfriend brought a Lip watch home from France, I was blown away! What a cool watch! Now I'm saving my pennies to get one. And I'll be getting it from Watchismo, an amazing collection of very cool (different) watches!

Bill Burgess:  Their site has the most complete selection of unique & cool watches i've found. I end up spending much more time on this site while at work than I should ....

Craig B. Highberger:  The best selection of unique beautifully designed men's watches I have ever found!

Benjamin Dederich Koelsch: I bought a really cool one about a year ago. People always comment on it.

Michelle Fraser: This is my new favorite website.....they saved my life ($145) and rescued me from Fossil Australia Phillipe Starck Hell!!!!!!

James Hall:  I learn something new with each of your wonderful email updates. Thank you

Melody Phillips: LOVE LOVE LOVE the watches on this site! :) I am looking at the LIP and Nooka watches...

Jenny Freckelton:   thanks for saving me a few hundred when i buy my bf's birthday present 2morro :)

Press Reviews:
  • from :
"Watchismo's passion for watches, including an unmatched collection of rare, vintage pieces from the
mid-century through today, makes them the singular source for watches around the world. Whether
you’re in the market for a new watch or consider yourself a collector and enthusiast, Watchismo offers
everything you need to know.

Presented by people who truly love watches, their collection of vintage pieces, especially digital watches
from the mid-20th century, focuses on the “rarest styles of the space-age.” Contemporary watch brands
include LIP, Issey Miyake, Nooka, TX, Starck, Welder, Vestal, Botta, Diesel, Nixon, Fossil, Alessi and many more.
The new arrivals sections offers the very
latest in watch technology from around the globe. With something for
everyone, in every price range,
after one visit you’ll vow to never again step foot in a department store in search
of a great watch.

The Watchismo Times is the site’s blog that keeps readers in the know when it comes to the watches
of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Featuring reviews, news, discounts and giveaways, it’s the ideal
place to begin the search for the perfect watch. From wildly bizarre to classically elegant, Watchismo’s
eclectic collection of timepieces has every style covered."

  • from the new york times :
"Now, luckily for those of us who don’t smoke or get lit at lunch but who think of the “Mad Men” lifestyle with fondness, the look is a hit again. Crazily inventive timepieces are among the best sellers at"

  • from :
Watchismo - For aficionados of the fashionable arm-clock.  Frankly, they had us with the pun alone.'s selection of unusual vintage wristwatches and design-forward modern time pieces is worth a look even if you are one of those people who refuses to wear a watch because you’re such a free spirit, always late to meetings and continually pestering friends and strangers alike to find out what time it is. Shame on you, you chronometric information mooch!