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Ritmo Mvndo Watches

Architecture, geography and time integrated by commonality of culture, heritage and history are hallmarks of RITMO wristwatches. The offering provides fresh, innovative inspiration fit for any modern lifestyle. With unique details such as Persepolis’ orbital cases or special edition diamond models RITMO Italian and Swiss techniques  redefine the independent watch market. Headquartered for the past 9 years on Rodeo Drive, this trendy dynamic brand caters to a clientele that is notoriously hard to please. So no matter what your desire RITMO has a watch for you. In a world full of decades old brands RITMO has in nine short years reaped an astounding amount of retail, press and consumer attention. Editorials and advertisements in prestigious IW, Chronos and Revolution magazine highlight RITMO’s creative and innovative designs, as seen on racetrack billboards, in jet-set magazines and luxury resort hotels. Fashion magazines such as Vogue, Glamour and InStyle highlight the collections color filled, playful side while OK, Star and InTouch spy the latest trends and celebrity sightings.