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RSW, a brand of RAMA WATCH SA, imposes a futuristic vision within the watch industry and the top-of-range-segment. RSW is known to be one of the top contemporary brand in the watch industry today. Its identity, different and coherent and its atypical style quickly convinced and enriched a market saturated with industrialized products, becoming one of the first brands to enter to the pantheon of pioneers of the 21st century. RSW is alive and liberated in phase with the various forms of contemporary artistic expressions.

Resulting from a semantic play of the opposition from what is IN and what is OUT, RSW is playing the card of provocation by asserting the OUT for this unmatched timepiece. This philosophy reflects the desire to evolve in harmony with the actual trends but from the outside, in the margins and on the borders.

Its neo-brutalist design pays homage to futurism, oblique architecture, the super computers and the first electronic musical instruments. Anxious to create a timeless object, it is also a male symbol and not easily transferable. At the same time, serious and unique, mature and childish. Outland is presented like a strong and very masculine watch without complex, a courageous contemporary object turned towards the future. RSW develops the theme of the compass in the way of indicating time.