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AS SEEN IN THE MOVIE AVATAR! (worn by Norm...Jake's link buddy).

When you push the button..the LEDs race across the screen in a seemingly erratic or malfunctioning pattern before stopping at  the current time.

12  lights on the left in the circle for the hours, then on the bottom there are 5 lights 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 for the minutes. Finally on the top bar you have 9 lights for the minutes between.

• Face: 44mm x 19mm x 13mm
• Wrist: Max 195mm (approx.)
• Weight: 60 grams

• Genuine LED
• Stainless Steel Back
• Genuine Leather (with heavy stitch)
• 1 Year Warranty
• Low power use (CR2032 battery included)

Seahope founder and designer Yasushi Kimura

via Gizmodo:
PingMag got a one-on-one interview with Yasushi Kimura, founder of the Japanese design firm Sea Hope. And for as awesomely insane as their watches are, his responses were interesting and and not crazy at all. When questioned about people's fascination with LED's he responded:
"Simply put, people like light and illuminations - it just enhances any accessory; especially in Japan, where it gets dark so early.
For example, mobiles are just so part of our daily lives now and they have become very accessorized in trying to be unique and user-friendly with their displays. I think watches are just another accessory and LED lights give off an illumination everyone enjoys. The lights are like those small insects in the night, those bugs that can light up."


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