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Storm MK2 Circuit Slate Green Limited Edition

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The Limited Edition futuristic watch design is complemented by an unusual LED time display. The band and case are made from high grade stainless steel.

MK 2 Circuit

This wristwatch has 28 LEDs that illuminate in sequence to indicate the current time, date, and day of the week, yet despite its unconventional design, it is deceptively simple to use. Arabic numbers representing hours and tens of minutes and Mayan numerals signifying minutes 1-9 (two dots for two minutes, three dots for three minutes, etc.) are engraved on the case, adjacent to each LED. As the minutes elapse, corresponding LEDs illuminate against a sapphire-bl. dial, ensuring a brilliant time presentation every 60 seconds. Each timepiece is meticulously crafted with a mineral crystal face, stainless-steel 1/2"-thick case, and adjustable stainless steel bracelet and clasp. The watch employs the same numeric codes and LED sequencing to display the date at the touch of a button. Water resistant down to 164'. Battery included. Face: 2" H x 1 1/4" W x 1/2"-thick face.


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