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Double Decker Triple Time Zone!

Summed up, the Trilogy watch has two levels. The top level is a traditional three-handed clock bolted onto the bottom floor where two totally different one handed displays give you two other timezones.

Down on the lower level, the timezone on the right features a simple single hand for hours so if it lies in the middle of the 8 and 9, it's showing 8:30.

To the bottom left is a more unique way of displaying the time due to the obscured viewing area. A single hand of different lengths and design point to the hours in two rows, the shorter hand points to the hours past 3 o'clock and the longer hand points to the hours past 9 o'clock. Again, if the hand is in between two numbers, it's the approximate distance between to the two to know how far into the hour it shows.

The case measures 18mm to the tallest point of the upper deck clock, 50mm lug to lug and 44mm wide. Part of a numbered limited edition collection engraved into the caseback and metal certificate.

That may seem like a lot of info for what is basically a cool new watch with three very different displays and an unusual dimensional design.

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Storm Trilogy Double Decker Triple Time Zone Limited Edition -Slate
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Storm Trilogy Double Decker Triple Time Zone Limited Edition -Slate