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Tendence Crazy -Orange and Black Chronograph

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Catch a glimpse of one of the brightest, boldest, awe inspiring watches ever created by Tendence, which has been aptly named the Tendence CRAZY. Made up of six eye catching, unmissable, brightly colored models, this line has an undeniably irreverent appeal.

Mixing together a whole spectrum of brave color combinations and simultaneously breaking all sorts of color rules, with up to five different colors incorporated into one single watch – twinned with the distinctive Tendence case design complete with two piece dial structure and 3-D numbers – the Crazy line quite simply demands your attention, screams originality and is a guaranteed conversation starter. Four of the models have bling dazzling Swarovski® elements on the steel bezel with steel plated 3-D numbers, while the remaining two models in the collection have matte stainless steel plating on the bezel with black 3-D numbers, creating a more unisex appeal. Each of the Crazy cases is nicely finished with a colored cabochon crown. The Crazy dual colored strap is the icing on the cake - silicon is the perfect material choice thanks to its excellent color retention properties which are essential for such vivid colors.

The overall effect of the Tendence Crazy is quite simply sensational. Just like the character that will fall in love with the Crazy, this watch is truly larger than life.


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