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Vestal DAT011 Datamat Calculator - All Black

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All Black

There’s no real reason anyone needs to wear a watch with a built-in calculator these days, unless you’re trying to look super-cool of course. In that case you’ll want to go with the black Datamat from Vestal. With a classic segmented LCD display and 16 button keypad it’s as basic a calculator watch as you’re going to find, but the polyurethane band and neon color palettes keep it straddling the fence between geeky and cool. Unless you go with the black model, then there’s no question you’re a nerd.

From Rosemary Simon,

"I’ve gone through many generations of the calculator watch, but Vestal has come out with a sweet new version of the ol’ classic that has swifter operational features. The soft, nimble buttons make typing out numbers much easier than it used to be, and the new watch also has a relatively small faceplate, which is nice when you are a tiny person strapped with a giant data center. Now I can calculate how much money Francis Farewell Starlight spends a month on his hair or the optimum time to start a conversation on a park bench with merely the flick or a wrist. If only someone would make a watch that could take photos, make phone calls, and type emails or something with a soundboard that meowed like a cat, my watch collection and mindspace might just be complete. Who needs watches to tell time anyway!"


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