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For 15 years, Watchismo has scoured the globe to find the most interesting watches. It was clear that the world needs an unusual & affordable mechanical watch… So we’ve decided to create our own...

Watchismo has finally taken the leap from Curators to Creators by launching their watch brand XERIC! 


The HALOGRAPH Automatic lives on mechanical energy. It's not an electronic gadget: it's a mechanical heirloom.

The new limited edition HALOGRAPH Automatic features Halo Hands that display the time in an entirely new way, yet it is super-easy to read. It doesn't require batteries or updates to do its work while summoning compliments and sparking conversation everywhere you go. All it needs is YOU.

Don't we find ourselves instinctively drawn to the kinetic nature of a mechanical watch? Its gears transfer force upon one another, interacting with the natural conditions of our universe, just like our muscles and bones. It ticks with a beating heart, just like us.

"XERIC is betting on the fact that amidst a growing number of smart watches on the market, at the end of the day, the tactility and emotion inherent in mechanical timepieces will win out.  This is an admirable approach, and, quite honestly, based upon the success of their first Kickstarter campaign, a sensible commercial concept."

The original Kickstarter campaign for the XERISCOPE: