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has released the limited edition Sea Dragon collection of watches, a five-piece set that recalls the legendary design of the original Sea Wolf diving watch created in 1953.

This exclusive reissue features an iconic Zodiac dial in five color combinations—each reflecting the adventurous lifestyle synonymous with the Zodiac brand. Brushed stainless steel cases, eye-catching graphic details and stimulating colors unite to create a dynamic statement. The two-eye chronograph, machine-edged bezel, and perforated caoutchouc rubber strap in vivid hues maintain a sporty yet refined appeal. Color variations include beaming yellow with green accents, navy offset with vibrant orange, bright red, royal blue and sleek black.

Each limited edition Sea Dragon watch case-back is etched with the edition number and presented in a special collector’s box with a “Zodiac Limited Edition” plaque and commemorative brochure.

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